Cross-border business relationships, from the first contacts (non-disclosure agreements), through phases of contract negotiation (letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, preliminary contracts), to the final conclusion of the contract, raise a variety of questions that are not known in national transactions due to the clash of differently preconceived ideas of the parties involved and different legal systems.

Piltz Legal offers you many years of experience and comprehensive expertise for the accompaniment of your international commercial contracts. We support you in preparing and conducting contract negotiations, formulate internationally robust contract texts for you and assist you in all related legal matters.

In international contracts, the validity of German law is often provided for. It is often overlooked that such clauses are not accepted worldwide and, moreover, some foreign law can also be quite advantageous for the German party.

The recent emergence of national compartmentalisation tendencies poses particular challenges in order to ensure reliable contract performance at the same time.

Prof. Dr. Piltz is the editor of Beck's Lawyers' Handbook International Business Law and co-editor of the online contract forms on international trade and distribution law offered by Beck.

  • Procurement and sales agreements
  • Framework agreements.
  • Distribution agreements
  • Tool hire
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Licence agreements

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Lawyer, Partner
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Advocate General at the CJEU: Concerning the appropriateness of technical and organisational measures and compensation for non-material damages in the event of a hacker attack

Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), Giovanni Pitruzzella, published his opinion in case C-340/21 on 27. April 2023 regarding the conditions for compensation for non-material damages and the burden of proof for the appropriateness of technical organizational measures (TOMs) under Art. 32 GDPR in connection with a hacker attack.

Further expansion of competence in the field of IT security law consulting at Piltz Legal

As part of our consulting strategy, we at Piltz Legal are continuously expanding our expertise in the area of IT security law. When advising our clients, it is important for us not only to provide specialist legal know-how, but also to be able to speak the language of IT.

Awarded once again by the magazine "WirtschaftsWoche"

We are very pleased about the award of the "WirtschaftsWoche" once again.